108 Sun Salutations

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"Rather than it feeling like me and my body were moving and breathing through 108 Sun Salutations, together, we were one body, four limbs, two lunges and one big beating heart.“

Sun Salutations can be practiced any time and with any frequency. Traditionally, practicing 108 Sun Salutations is reserved for the change of the seasons like from Spring to Summer time. The Summer Solstice is marked as a time of celebration. Many cultures have festivals to celebrate the sun and its life-giving energy. The summer marks a time of everything being in full bloom.

Benefits of 108 Sun Salutations: 

Sun Salutations heat the body and activate Prana, or upward energy.

Practicing 108 sun salutations requires a strong will and a single-pointed focus on moving with the breath

Once you get into a rhythm with your sun salutation flow, your mental chatter will decrease as your awareness turns inward.

If you keep going, you will find a state of ease, and even a sense of flow. You will surrender to the process, acknowledge what arises emotionally, and then let it go.

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