Bandhas in practice - Jalandhara Bandha

Startet am Saturday, 15/06/2024
Price 30.00 €


Jalandhara Bandha physically lengthens and strengthens the back of the neck, restoring alignment and stabilization - a great counteraction to all the repeated patterns of the head held forward in our daily actions. Jalandhara temporarily closes off the throat and the upward flow of energy, prana.On a more subtle level Jalandhara Bandha balances the thyroid and helps regulate metabolism, benefits our endocrine and nervous system and restores energy and assists in relieving stress.  

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Geneva (EN)

I started yoga when I was twenty years old in California with a marvelous teacher who was 83 at the time. That first teacher revealed how yoga was a choice for how to live and a way of deeply connecting with myself on a level that keeps me balanced, strong, nurtured and always growing. My classes are strong, focused, practical, compassionate and invite all to move inward towards self care and discovery in every stage of the practice.


1.15/06/202413:30 - 15:00Bösendorferstraße 9, 1010 WienGeneva (EN)


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