Starts on Saturday, 14/12/2019
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Mobility workshop with Andrés. A day for different movement patterns, understanding the 'how' and 'why' of moving well- helps us aspire to move more often. Welcome to the Range of Motion Workshop....

This workshop has been crafted and designed to make movement practices like Yoga, Capoeria, Surf, Acrobatics, Calisthenics, among others...more accessible, pain free and reducing the risk of injury.

Through various drills and techniques we will explore different joints of the body, conditioning them into their best range of motion.

What are we going to do?

Step out of more conventional movement patterns and explore new ways. Develop better body properception by having emphasis on joint disassociation and cleaner performance of specific movements. Implement active flexibility into our stretching and strength routines. Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun and interactive training.

About Andrés Covelli: the desire to move every part of my body, the passion to be anything I can imagine, the need to play in life, to stand on may hands and spin on my head. To bend backwards and forward, to roll over like a little kid, to fall over just to get up again. This is how I learnt to live my life. Lover of nature, collector of tattoos, believer of magic and the power of love..

This is what led me to yoga years ago. I wanted to keep the energy flowing and to challenge myself daily. The combination of strength, peace, balance and power that yoga offers, caught my attention immediately.

When? Saturday, 14.12.19, 15.00 - 17.30 h.

Where? Yoga Loft Tübingen BISMARCKSTRASSE 134!

How much?


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Teacher :

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Andrés (English)


1.14/12/201915:00 - 17:30Bismarckstrasse 134, 72072 TübingenAndrés (English)


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