ONLINE: Bodywork plus Po

Online stream
at 25/11/2021 18:45-19:35 o'clock (50 min)
Price: from 9.00 €


9.00 €Single ticket  
49.00 € / monthClever Card 12M  
55.00 € / monthClever Card 6M  
59.00 € / monthGroupfitness Card 12M  
65.00 € / monthGroupfitness Card 6M  
69.00 € / monthAll In Card 12M  
75.00 € / monthAll In Card 6M  


Wir alle haben unsere Problemzonen - egal ob Er oder Sie! In dieser Einheit formen und kräftigen wir die gesamte Muskulatur und benutzen hierfür auch unterschiedliches Equipment. Vor allem Bauch, Bein, Po und Schwabbelarme sind Bodyzone´s größter Feind ;-) Nach einem formenden Ganzkörper-Workout wird ausgiebigst gedehnt.

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Online stream

There is an online stream available for this activity. To participate, take the following steps:

  • This studio uses Zoom as their online streaming provider. Download the according app to your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Access to the online livestream is available 15 minutes before the start of the activity. Simply go to "My bookings" and click on "Join online stream now" to be redirected to the corresponding page
  • With some streaming providers (e.g. Zoom) it is possible for participants to see each other. However, it is theoretically possible to deactivate the camera function. The name you enter when entering the online meeting room is displayed to other participants. However, you can always change your name (e.g. only the initials). Please note: Individual rules for online participation may apply for each class or venue.



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