GLiTcH! Mixed Movement practice

Feelgoodstudio 1070 " Therapy / Chikitsa "
at 18/06/2022 12:00-13:30 o'clock (90 min)
Address: Paulanergasse 13, 1040 Wien
Price: from 20.00 €
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GLiTcH! Mixed Movement practice interweaves elements of soft core Martial Arts, Contemporary Dance and Yoga into a dynamic flow using the rotations, turns and spirals inherent in our anatomical structure. In this class, we’ll work on joint mobilization on the floor and will gradually find our way up to move across the space, assembling the learned phrases into an accessible choreography. Focusing on healthy alignment and the interplay between gravity and bodyweight will allow us to navigate through motion with more ease, efficiency and joy. Suitable for everyone who is curious to step off the mat and look for various ways to broaden their movement spectrum.

The class will be held in English. All levels are welcome. No mat needed, no dance experience required.

::: this session will take place in Feelgoodstudio 1040, Paulanergasse 13 in 1040 Vienna :::

Photo © David Payr

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Malika Fankha (DE, EN, FR)
Malika Fankha studierte Schauspiel in Zürich und Zeitgenössischen Tanz in Salzburg (SEAD) und New York (NYU Tisch, School of Performing Arts). Sie arbeitet international als Performerin, Choreographin und DJ. hr Unterricht ist eine kraftvolle Praxis mit fliessenden Übergängen, von langjährigem Training in Release Technique, Floorwork, Kung Fu und Softcore Martial Arts geprägt. Ihr selbstentwickeltes Bewegungskonzept GLiTCH! – eine Mixed Movement Practice — unterrichtet sie seit 2015 u.a. im Tanzquartier Wien, im_flieger, Re:treat, Yogakula und Planet Yoga Zürich. Mehr Infos zu Malika und sämtlichen Stunden auf unserer Webseite: Malika Fankha studied acting in Zurich and Contemporary Dance in Salzburg (SEAD) and New York (NYU Tisch, School of Performing Arts). She works internationally as a performer, choreographer and DJ. 2013: Yoga Teacher Training at Samahita, Koh Samui, Thailand with Paul Dallaghan. Her classes are an invigorating, fluid mix integrating elements of Release Technique, Floorwork, Kung Fu and Softcore Martial Arts. She teaches workshops and masterclasses in GLiTCH! – a mixed movement practice she started conceiving in 2015 — at Tanzquartier Wien, im_flieger, Planet Yoga Zurich, Re:treat and Yogakula. More information about Malika and all our classeso online:

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