Connecting to Fascia - The Dynamics and Mechanics of the Moving Body

Pilates Akademie
Starts on Friday, 23/04/2021 - 3 units
Address: Jordangasse 7, 1010 Wien
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This workshop looks at the role of fascia and the dynamics and mechanics of the moving body; how the muscles rely on fascia for their information and how it responds accordingly to accommodate the required action. We will use movement to recognise this orchestration in action and to know where the tissue is inhibited; you will learn how to work with fascia to best effect free and efficient movement.

Learn bio-mechanical integration, connected spatial movement, injury response and means for healing.

Connecting to Fascia is open to all movers and performance seekers and professionals and health influencers looking to work from this new paradigm.

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For over 17 years Karin Locher has been building on her quest to understand and explore the phenomena of the ‘vital force’ (and lack of) that determines both our health and performance. With the new insights coming from the recovering research of Fascia and with Thomas Myers' revolutionary Anatomy Trains she created a pioneering new application for Spatial Medicine: 'Changing movement, mind and structural-relationships to change the person.' Karin’s long standing fascination with the vital force, or lack of, is changing people and changing lives - a methodology that influences to re-store and re-set the neuro-myo-fascial system, thus enabling the body to do what it does best, keep us well. The result is Spatial Medicine. A medicine she believes is far more appropriate for the 21st century symptoms and syndromes that we are seeing.


1.23/04/202114:00 - 18:00Jordangasse 7, 1010 WienKarin
2.24/04/202109:00 - 17:00Jordangasse 7, 1010 WienKarin
3.25/04/202109:00 - 17:00Jordangasse 7, 1010 WienKarin

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