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Meditation - if you feel like showing your appreciation - buy as many as you feel like as your contribution

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RAISING VIBRATIONS for a collective awakening. if you would like to give, buy as many of these ONE EURO tickets as you want as contribution to the different VENUSfrequency SEVA projects such as meditation sessions, weekly radioSHOWs and podCASTs and collective #raisevibrations #healtogether projects.

each 1EURO purchase gives one ticket, as symbol, and have a "symbol" expiration date within 30 days of purchase. you may purchase as many as you want each day, each week, each month - i highly appreciate your support and appreciation of the work I do and share.

Number of included units
1 unit
Valid from
1st booking
Duration of validity
30 months
Booking rules
Valid at
  • Annemarie VENUSfrequency
Included activities
  • OUTdoor MEDITATION | Mantra, Pranayama & Noble Silence - Jesuiten Wiese
  • ONLINE | Gayatri Mantra MEDITATION | 40 Minutes - via ZOOM
  • OUTdoor MEDITATION |Mantra, Pranayama & Noble Silence - Augarten Wiese vor Schankwirtschaft
  • Gayatri Mantra MEDITATION - @Institut Schmida
  • FREE inStudio MEDITATION |Mantra, Pranayama & Noble Silence - YogaCollege 1150 Wien
  • FREE inSTUDIO |Gayatri Mantra MEDITATION - ALKEMY Yoga & Healing 1040 Wien
  • FREE inStudio MEDITATION |Mantra, Pranayama & Noble Silence - ALKEMY Yoga & Healing 1040 Wien
  • LIVE radiosSHOW | via | VENUSfrequency yogic edition |
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