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Prenatal Online Program

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Hi Beautiful Mama and welcome to your prenatal movement & mindfulness journey.

I created this program to support you and give you all the tools that you might need on your individual path into motherhood.

I know this journey is not always easy, a rollercoaster of emotions filled with change, fear, feeling lost or overwhelmed.

This time can be challenging. I feel you.

Mindful Body, yoga and meditation has helped me in so many ways. Let me help you reconnect with yourself and find strength and peace within.

From relaxing yoga classes to Mindful Body classes that make you feel strong and embodied again. Everyday stretches if you are short on time, my favorite yoga flows and meditations that bring you back in the here and now and let you connect with yourself and your baby.

Join me and feel yourself in the most beautiful way. You are creating life and that is simply magical. Remember how powerful you are. You deserve to embrace and enjoy this magical journey of pregnancy.

Love, Verena

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24 units
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