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1 Week vor Ort

Time card


Gültig für 1 Besuch pro Tag für alle Klassen an beiden Standorten. Läuft 7 Tage ab dem ersten Besuch. Diese Karte wird nicht erstattet.

Valid for 1 visit per day for all classes at both locations. Runs for 7days from first visit. This card is non refundable.

Number of included units
Valid from
1st booking
Duration of validity
1 week
Booking rules
1 participation / day
Valid at
  • Bikram Yoga Schottenring
  • Hot Pilates Vienna
Included activities
  • Bikram Yoga 90min *Live Streaming
  • IHP Level 1 *Vor Ort
  • IHP Level 2 (bands/weights) vor Ort..
  • IHP Level 2 (bands/weights) *live Streaming..
  • Yin/Faszian Yoga *Live Streaming.
  • Bikram Yoga 60min vor Ort
  • Bikram Yoga 90min vor Ort
  • Yin/Faszien Yoga 60min vor Ort
  • IHP Level 2 (bands/weights) Vor Ort..
  • IHP Level 1 Vor Ort..
  • Bikram Yoga 60 min *Live Streaming
  • Yin/Faszien Yoga*Live Streaming
  • IHP Level 1 *live streaming..
  • Hot Yoga 60min Vor Ort..
  • Hot Yoga 60min*Live Streaming..
  • Inferno Hot Pilates (Gabi Walters Master Class)
  • Inferno Hot Pilates 60min *live Streaming..
  • IHP 60min Bands/Weights*live streaming..
  • Inferno Hot Pilates 60min *live Streaming..
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