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single visit * for Online participation

Block card


1 einziger Besuch nur für Online-Kurse, die im Zeitplan angeboten werden.

Diese Karte wird nicht erstattet.1 single visit for only online classes offered on the schedule. This card is non refundable.

Number of included units
1 unit
Valid from
1st booking
Duration of validity
1 day
Booking rules
1 participation / day
Valid at
  • Bikram Yoga Schottenring
  • Hot Pilates Vienna
Included activities
  • Bikram Yoga 90min *Live Streaming
  • IHP Level 2 (bands/weights) *live Streaming..
  • Yin/Faszian Yoga *Live Streaming.
  • Bikram Yoga 60 min *Live Streaming
  • Yin/Faszien Yoga*Live Streaming
  • IHP Level 1 *live streaming..
  • Hot Yoga 60min*Live Streaming..
  • IHP 60min Bands/Weights*live streaming..
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