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1 Month 4x Classes

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Description & Terms

  • Women's Studio - with classes in german + english
  • 4x Participation in all Group Fitness classes (please register to each class upfront via Eversports website or Mobile app)
  • incl. Wardrobe (with a locker)
  • incl. Shower use

1. Booking rules:

  • Can participate only in the validity period
  • It is not possible to collect the unused sessions after the pass expires.

2. Payment:

  • No registration fees
  • The payment is deducted once at the purchase date.

3. Runtime / validity:

  • Duration: 1 month from the first booking date.
  • No Automatic extension.
  • The runtime cannot be paused.

4. Extension due to sickness

  • Due to sickness longer than 7 days, with a proof confirmation from the doctor, the expiration date can be extended by the duration written in the proof from the doctor.
  • How to do it? Simply write me an email or message me on Instagram.
Number of included units
4 units
Valid from
1st booking
Duration of validity
1 month
Valid at
  • Ramona Buta - Personal Trainer
Included activities