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ONLINE Drop-In/ Einzelstunde

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*gültig für 1 ONLINE Drop-In /Einzelstunde Alle ONLINE Livestream Stunden werden aufgenommen und an alle angemeldet Yogis bis 3h nach Ende der Klasse ausgeschickt. Die Aufzeichnung ist ab Aussendung für 24h freigeschalten.

(EN) *valid for 1 ONLINE Drop-In / Class All ONLINE Livestream Classes will be recorded and sent out to all signed up Yogis within 3 hours after the class. The recording will be available for 24 hours after it has been sent out.

Number of included units
1 unit
Valid from
Duration of validity
Booking rules
Valid at
  • ALKEMY Soul
  • Temple of She by ALKEMY
Included activities
  • ONLINE Tao Tantra (Ladies Only)
  • ONLINE Yoga Nidra
  • ONLINE Elemental Flow
  • ONLINE Yin Yoga - New Year's Meditation
  • ONLINE Vinyasa (EN)
  • ONLINE SPECIAL: Chakra Healing
  • ONLINE Vinyasa Yoga
  • ONLINE Vinyasa (EN) - Forrest Yoga Inspired
  • ONLINE Kundalini Yoga
  • ONLINE Shakti Yoga
  • ONLINE SPECIAL: Deep Dive Vinyasa mit Gabriela Bozic
  • ONLINE She Yin Yoga (Ladies Only)
  • ONLINE Restorative Yoga
  • ONLINE Candlelight Yin Yoga
  • ONLINE Power Hour
  • ONLINE Slow & Deep Yoga
  • FREE ONLINE SPECIAL: After 8 - ALKEMY Healing Practice
  • ONLINE Warrior Flow
  • Collective Heart Christmas Mantra Circle with Max & Alexia (live from the Himalayas)
  • Together Into 2021- Forgive. Heal & Activate mit Alexia
  • ONLINE Together Into 2023- Letting Go. Forgive. Heal & Activate
  • ONLINE Community Class
  • ONLINE Dynamic Meditation
  • ONLINE Breathwork & Meditation
  • ONLINE Sound Healing
  • CI PLUS - Cosmic Intelligence Meditation with Maa Gyaan (India)
  • ONLINE She Flow
  • ONLINE Solstice Mantra Circle with Suyana
  • Spirit Energy Pump Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • Wind Down Yoga mit Alexia (Pre-Recorded)
  • ALKEMY Warrior Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • Heart Fire Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • Elemental Earth Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • Heart Opening Vinyasa (Pre-Recorded)
  • Dynamic Meditation (Pre-Recorded)
  • Spirit Warrior Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • She Yin Yoga (Pre-Recorded)
  • Water Warrior Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • She Yin Yoga Ganzkörperpraxis (Pre-Recorded)
  • Open Heart Warrior Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • Tao Tantra - Ladies Only (Pre-Recorded)
  • Inner Support - Unterstützende Kundalini Meditation (Pre-Recorded)
  • Vertrauen Kundalini Meditation (Pre-Recorded)
  • Elemental Fire Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • From Fear to Love Kundalini Meditation (Pre-recorded)
  • Breath Flow (Pre-Recorded)
  • Tao Tantra Activation - Ladies Only (Pre-Recorded)
  • Gibberish Meditation (Pre-Recorded)
  • Candlelight Yin Yoga for Growth (Pre-Recorded)
  • Candlelight Yin Yoga der Stille (Pre-Recorded)
  • Candlelight Yin für das Herz (Pre-Recorded)
  • ONLINE Candlelight Yin Yoga
  • ONLINE Holistik Yoga Flow
  • ONLINE Holistik Yoga Sadhana
  • ONLINE Chakra Flow
  • ONLINE Morning Yoga & Meditation
  • Voice and Mantra Workshop
  • Online Meditation & Satsang with Maa Gyaan (EN)
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