Video library Yoga Nidra 18 Minutes for Focus and Firmness with Manoj Bhanot

Yoga Nidra 18 Minutes for Focus and Firmness with Manoj Bhanot

Yoga Nidra
18 min
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Yogalife Studio
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About the class

Gain Focus and Firmness in just 18 minutes! Just simply lay down on your mat and play the video.

Join Manoj Bhanot in this Yoga Nidra session for a calm mind and a revitalised spirit.

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About the trainer/teacher

Yogalife Founder, Belgium Manoj is the founder, lead teacher and backbone of Yogalife Belgium. Modern and grounded, a lovable teacher and respected friend, Manoj was clearly guided by the universe to spread the teachings of Yoga. Being born into a family of Yoga teachers on the desert land of Rajasthan India, he gained a deep understanding of the scriptures and early on learned from renowned writers and teachers. As Manoj today encourages his students to question everything, he himself took life as an investigation searching for truth: first studying sciences, later experiencing life as a software engineer, art curator, event and marketing manager. Finally landing in his true roots as a Yogateacher, Manoj now teaches as an expert in human energy and chakras. Manoj’s profound understanding of Yoga Nidra, as a student of Bihar School of Yoga, created a one of a kind Nidra training in Belgium. Manoj is one of those rare teachers who can implement knowledge of ancient scriptures into practical everyday life. His natural ability to see people and connect with students through his honesty and sense of humour, makes him everyone’s favourite teacher and mentor.