Video library Pralaya Practice Class | Diving a bit deeper into (preparation for) Bakasana

Pralaya Practice Class | Diving a bit deeper into (preparation for) Bakasana

Pralaya Yoga
90 min
Robert Boustany
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14 days
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25.00 €Single ticket
25.00 €Online session with Robert - 1 sessie
100.00 €Online session with Robert - 4 sessies

About the class

Robert teaches how to prepare for Bakasana (crow pose) and what needs to become stronger and where to open up the body to get into that pose. Questions about different kind of wrist problems are being answered. Also learn how to build up to a standing forward bend (which is helpful to get into Bakasana).

Recorded on 22 March 2024

If you weren't live in this class and you do want these hours to count for your Yogasite 200h or 300h TT Yoga Alliance Certificate please send the answer to the next question to

Question: Describe the position, the correct (Pralaya) alignment, of your hands, elbows and shoulders in Bakasana. Why is that important?

About the trainer/teacher

Robert Boustany is the founder of Pralaya Yoga and has been teaching yoga for 50 years. He is known for his detailed understanding of the anatomy of poses, energetics and Yoga Therapy. For more information about Robert, take a look at our and his website: &