Video library Pancakes 1.0 - Let's use Gravity to help us

Pancakes 1.0 - Let's use Gravity to help us

45 min
CurlyPole Movement
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About the class

Hi Beautiful people,

In this Video we are taking a look at our Pancakes and we will start from the very beginning.

This class is designed for those of you who are just starting out and wo feel like they can‘t really reach forward from the seated pancake position.

For the workout you will need the following equipment

  • Small weight or water Bottle - Around 5kg is perfect
  • Something to sit on (edge of a couch / couple of Yoga Blocks / small chair)
  • Yoga Blocks

We will go through some muscle activation exercises. Afterwards we will do three exercises that help us getting that anterior pelvic tilt by using gravity and the help of our own muscle activation. This video is perfect to start with and in the following videos we are going to build on this foundation.

Please do a warm-up before you start this video :-)

Enjoy your training and this journey to a more flexible body - If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out.

Lots of Love


If you feel like you need a more personalized training approach - I am also offering 1:1 sessions where we can take a look at your individual status.