Video library Hip Flexors For Beginners - Let's start from scratch

Hip Flexors For Beginners - Let's start from scratch

50 min
CurlyPole Movement
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About the class

Ever thought it is too late for you to start learning a front Split?

It's not! And I've got you :-)

My name is Lena and this Video is specifically for you when you are just starting out with your Front Split journey. Together we are going to do 5 exercises in 2 rounds that will help you improve your front split. I will also demonstrate the exercises with the props and form that I see with most of my beginner students.

I started when I was in my 20`s and I am by all means not a naturally bendy person. So don`t be scared to just start - It does not matter what it looks like or how long it takes, as long as you stay consistent and enjoy your training.

Let's hop on the mat and start your Front Split journey together.

For this class you will need

  • Yoga Blocks
  • A free wall, chair or couch
  • Something soft to put under your knees

If you have any questions on the exercises please always feel free to reach out! I am more than happy to support you in any way that I can.

Lots of Love Lena

If you feel like you need more in depth support in your training, I am also offering 1:1 sessions and personal Trainings - Let me know if you want to chat about that!

This Video was filmed at Polea Pole and Aerial Dance Studio in Budenheim. Lea Merscher is my dear friend and an extraordinary trainer. If you are near Budenheim, definitely go and say hi at her Studio. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and there are a variety of classes to choose from. Lea has an amazing personality and is the most supportive trainer. She knows exactly how to explain and break down all those pole dance moves for her students. So if you get the chance to learn from her - Take it!

She also offers online training videos on her eversports profile: