Video library Hamstrings Short & Simple Flow with Inge (Intensity 1, Complexity 1))

Hamstrings Short & Simple Flow with Inge (Intensity 1, Complexity 1))

Hot yoga
30 min
All levels
Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan
Inge Wolsink
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About the class

This short hamstring sequence is ideal for a short and simple stretch after work, after a run, for those who wish to work on their hamstring fundamentals, or for the beginner yogi. It is the first in a series that builds up in intensity (1&2) and complexity (1&2).

Props needed: mat, and 2 blocks (or big books)

About the trainer/teacher

The reason I became a yogi is the same reason why I became a psychological scientist: I am fascinated by human behavior and I have a drive to learn. For me personally, learning, writing, and teaching about psychology is a passion. I long for an understanding of the world and the people in it. I want to know what makes us think, what makes us feel, what makes us move and most of all, I want to use that knowledge to help others change their lives for the better. Yoga is no different for me. The reason why yoga is so effective at eliciting health changes is because it is an integrative approach. Instead of being a quick fix to get a great body, yoga is a system that helps you to grow psychologically, mentally, and physically through movement, philosophy, breath practice, and meditation. As a scientist and a yogi, I have not only felt the transformative power of yoga, I also studied why it works so well, and I truly enjoy sharing this knowledge during my yoga classes.