Video library "Shoulder Satisfaction" - ALLE LEVEL - 28min

"Shoulder Satisfaction" - ALLE LEVEL - 28min

Jivamukti Yoga
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Kali Empl (engl.)
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About the class

A quick and easy routine that will strengthen and release tension in shoulders & arms. Do this routine for a pick-me-up during your workday, or as a warm-up for some deeper arm balances. Most of this short practice can be done at your desk!

About the trainer/teacher

Through university studies including a business degree from the University of Houston and another in fashion illustration & design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, I would take yoga classes at gyms & yoga studios, always viewing the classes as just another form of exercise. However, I had no idea how deep it could get and what comfort and sustenance I could find there until I was somewhere in my thirties. I began to see that all the yoga I was doing was not exercise, but exorcise. It was bringing to my attention negative energy & behavior patterns inside myself and giving me the ability to let go of them. I felt more peace. I felt more freedom to be fully myself — with all the messy emotions and perceived imperfections. When I stumbled upon Jivamukti Yoga — in the form of a DVD borrowed from the library — it all came together and I heard a resounding “YES!” deep inside my heart. One thing I have gained from the yoga practices is a strong sense of connection — we have always been here, we always will be here, and are completely supported by an infinitely intelligent Universe of unconditional love. We just keep changing forms, ever-journeying along the path towards complete understanding. I recognize all life forms as holy beings of infinite potential and invite each of you reading this to resist the deceptive outer appearance of form & mental chatter, which only brings suffering to the practitioner, but instead, to remember Self, non-egoic limitless consciousness, using techniques of sense integration and dynamic actions of passionate self-inquiry, meditation and surrender. May peace and goodness prevail!