Video library Lower Core & Hips Activation Flow

Lower Core & Hips Activation Flow

Core Yoga
48 min
All levels
Feelgoodstudio 1040 " Movement / Vritti "
Joey Robinson (EN)
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6 weeks
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About the class

In Joey's yoga class, the focus is on activating and strengthening the lower core, legs and hips and exploring their connection. The class begins with a dynamic and engaging flow that targets the muscles in the lower abdomen, pelvic region, and hips. Joey will guide you through a series of movements and asanas specifically designed to activate and engage these areas.

As the class progresses, Joey will lead you through poses and sequences that help build strength and stability in the lower core and hips. These movements includes variations of lunges and core-strengthening exercises. By emphasizing proper alignment and mindful engagement, Joey will help you develop a deeper connection to your lower core and hips.

Towards the end of the class, the pace slows down, allowing for a gradual release of tension and a deeper exploration of the targeted areas. Joey will guide you through gentle stretches and relaxation techniques to promote flexibility and ease any accumulated tightness.

This class was recorded in the Feelgoodstudio Online Studio in high quality.

About the trainer/teacher

While Joey was getting into spiritual literature in 2006, he ordered a Yoga book online that a friend had told him about. He taught himself three asanas a day from it until he could do the sequence it recommended, which took about an hour overall, and then he did that everyday. At the time, he was poor, he didn’t have steady employment, and he was trying to teach himself self-discipline, so asana was kinda the fixed point in his day. After about 9 months, it dawned on him that learning from someone else might be a good idea, so he volunteered at Kripalu Yoga Center for two months where they taught a pretty straightforward mix of hatha and flow. After that he returned to home practice for about a year before winding up in New York where his uncle took him to a shalah that offered Anusara Yoga. As a style, Anusara is really grounded in bio-mechanical alignment, and this knowledge of how to put the body together blew his mind. For the next two or three years, he got more into alignment, took some workshops and read the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras. Joey also explored other styles and western ‘Yogas’ like Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique. During this time, he began teaching, very informally first, giving classes on his roof to friends and family. In 2012 he came to Vienna and became a full-time teacher. Joey teaches (English only) personal trainings and group classes (Yoga All Levels, Yoga Intermediate, Yoga Relax & Restore and Yoga Absolute Beginner).