Video library The ABC of Asana - Shoulderstand Part 2

The ABC of Asana - Shoulderstand Part 2

40 min
All levels
Feelgoodstudio 1040 " Movement / Vritti "
Bruno Teyssandier (EN, FR)
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About the class

Der zweite Teil der Reihe über den Schulterstand aus der Serie "The ABC of Asana" mit Bruno Teyssandier. Die Klasse wird auf Englisch gehalten.


Welcome to the ABC of Salamba Sarvangasana ( supported all parts of the body, often referred to as "Shoulderstand" ). This pose is often named "the Queen of the asana", "the mother of all asanas".

As a mother strives for harmony and happiness in the home, so this asana strives for harmony and happiness of the human system. It is a solution for most common ailments. There are several endocrine organs in the human system which bathe in blood, absorb the nutrients from it, and secrete hormones for the proper functioning of a balanced and well-developed body and brain. If the glands fail to function properly, the hormones are not produced as they should be and the body starts to deteriorate. Sarvangasana does this for the thyroid and parathyroid glands which are situated in the neck region since due to the position of the head their blood supply is increased. Further, since the body is inverted, the venous blood flows to the heart without any strain by force of gravity. As a result, persons suffering from breathlessness, palpitation, asthma, bronchitis, and throat ailments get relief. Continued practice of this asana eradicates common colds and other nasal disturbances.

Due to the soothing effect of the pose on the nerve, those suffering from hypertension, irritation, shortness of temper, nervous breakdown, and insomnia are relieved. This asana is recommended for urinary disorders, hemorrhoids, hernia, constipation, it helps to relieve epilepsy, low vitality, and anemia. It will help build new vigor and strength, which are connected to happiness and confidence, leading to peace and joy for the whole body.

It is not recommended if you have high blood pressure unless holding the pose halasana, pressure in the head, ears, eyes, or throat, and if you are in your menstruation cycle. It will help treat a prolapsed uterus and reduces uterine fibroid, it will relieve congestion and heaviness in the ovaries and helps treat ovarian cysts, it will reduce menstrual cramps, and help regulate menstrual flow if and when done regularly between menstrual periods. These two classes will show you what can be done, should be done as we are all unique and directions are hard to apply to a big group.

Feel free to write to us, we ll happily answer all questions with regard to the content of this classs.

About the trainer/teacher

Bruno Teyssandier was an active mountain and mountain bike tour guide before he came in contact with yoga in 1998. After an accident in Nepal, which made him turn around 180 degrees, he decided to participate in a yoga teacher training in LA California in the fall of 1999. Since then, he has studied in India multiple times. He owned, directed and taught at Yoga 108 in Marin county (California) and New Orleans (Louisiana) for 7 years, from San Francisco to Beijing before he landed in Vienna in the summer of 2014. He has managed Feelgood yoga since 2019. His directions are firm but nurturing, he teaches from a warm heart and sense of humor, yet with strong focus.