Empower: 9 week Foundational Program into Steel Mace Vinyasa

Online stream
Starts on Sunday, 18/02/2024
Price 395.00 €


LIVE at the Studio & ONLINE!

EMpower is a transformative journey to awaken energy and strength in your vinyasa practice.

In this program, you will discover a source of power that lies deep inside, ready to harness, as you step into a warrior archetype and wield an ancient weapon.

By training with a steel mace, or the Gada as in Sanskrit, we cultivate precision and a high state of focus in our movement. To support this load, our feet ground more firmly, our core awakens and our physical vessel naturally comes into a state of balance.

As the mace encircles our body we clear our energetic field. The result is embodied awareness, a stronger posture and a deeper state of presence. Instead of just creating flow we enter into “Flow,” both on and off the mat. When the mace is removed our practice becomes more fluid, connected and more centered.

We build confidence and a completely able mindset, through our mace work.

So come join the challenge, awaken more fully into power, a power embodied and ready to be harnessed!

There will be a live session at the Yogazentrum every Sunday noon (12.00 - 13.30) (also broadcastet via ZOOM) and a pure ZOOM session every Thurday evening (19.30 - 21.00)

This training is in English.

18 hours training, Yoga alliance certified.

If you want to try out the steel mace bevor booking the whole training, you can join one of our workshops:



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Teacher :


Adina is a Vinyasa Flow-based teacher from New York City and brings over 20 years of experience in teaching yoga, pilates, somatics, and various movement arts. She holds a master’s degree in Performance Studies with an emphasis in dance ethnography and has studied the movement arts in in the United States, Peru, Brazil and Cuba. Her yoga classes are a beautiful fusion of embodied flow and strength-based practices. With her latest offering, Steel Mace Vinyasa, she invites you to tap into your inner warrior. Through Adina's guidance, you'll explore the powerful combination of vinyasa yoga and the steel mace or Gada as in Sanskrit - an ancient weapon rooted in India that warriors used to train their bodies for battle - unlocking your strength, resilience, and warrior spirit. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will empower and uplift you both physically and mentally.


1.18/02/202412:00 - 13:30Grenzgasse 40, 2340 MödlingAdina
2.21/02/202418:30 - 19:30ONLINE ., ONLINE .Adina
3.25/02/202412:00 - 13:30Grenzgasse 40, 2340 MödlingAdina
4.28/02/202418:30 - 19:30ONLINE ., ONLINE .Adina
5.03/03/202412:00 - 13:30Grenzgasse 40, 2340 MödlingAdina
6.06/03/202418:30 - 19:30ONLINE ., ONLINE .Adina
7.10/03/202412:00 - 13:30Grenzgasse 40, 2340 MödlingAdina
8.13/03/202418:30 - 19:30ONLINE ., ONLINE .Adina
9.17/03/202412:00 - 13:30Grenzgasse 40, 2340 MödlingAdina
10.20/03/202418:30 - 19:30ONLINE ., ONLINE .Adina


Eine Stornierung ist bis 2 Wochen vor Beginn möglich.

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