T&T Microformer

Train and Tone
at 01/04/2023 10:30-11:20 o'clock (50 min)
City: Färbergasse 6, 1010 Wien
Price: from 135.00 €
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135.00 € / monthToner's 8  
185.00 € / monthToner's 12  


Microformer is a living-room sized Reformer machine which allows for most of the same moves you can perform on the big one.

Train and Tone is the first studio bringing this version of this reformer machine to Austria and we have created a class that combines the best of the T&T concept and of the Microformer all in a circuit format.

You can expect a combination of low impact and deep muscle engagement exercises on the Microformer that toned your entire body with huge focus on core strength, balance, postural alignment, back strength and flexibility; all performed at the rhythm of the best beats.

Please bear in mind this class has to be done with anti slippery pilates socks, which you can get at our studio. We ask you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class, doors will be shut 5 after the starting time of the class.

Benefits of the Microformer Pilates:

Improves athletic performance, back pain, injury recovery, weight loss, balance, bone density and posture and flexibility It provides results in shorter amount of time because it focuses on deep muscle engagement

Not a prenatal class Recommended to train 6 months post partum

Max of 6 people per class

All of our classes are taught in English and most of them are designed for every fitness level; the trainer gives different variations of each exercise, which makes it suitable to every individual. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

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Cancellation conditions

You can cancel this class 12 hours prior to its beginning