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Manas Vienna Yoga, for a happier, healthier YOU!Here at the Manas Yoga, we make yoga classes accessible and inclusive – without judgment, pressure, or demands. This is a yoga studio for everyBODY – and we mean all body types, all abilities, and all ethnicities. Just have a look at our team! Manas is a Sanskrit term which means "the sensory or processing mind. The Manas Yoga method connects purposeful movements with conscious breath, and our educational approach improves body awareness and promotes individual choice. We believe that yoga is a personal practice; asanas (yoga poses) will look different for different people for the simple reason that we have different body structures and experiences. Our goal here is to guide you in finding a practice that works best for you.











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6 days ago


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7 days ago

Wunderschönes helles Studio mit Blick auf den Kanal. Es gab frischen Tee vor und nach der Stunde inklusive und Gebäck und Obst zum kaufen. Während der Stunde war die Lehrerin mit den schönen braunen Locken sehr aufmerksam und hat individuelle Tips gegeben. Absolut zu empfehlen!

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7 days ago

Great atmosphere and workout :) will definitely come back

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7 days ago

Super nice studio!

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About the Team

At Manas Yoga we are committed to offering quality yoga classes, workshops, yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, yoga teacher apprenticeship, Thai Yoga Massage and a lot more services. Our family of teachers and yogis are united by these core values: · KINDNESS (AHIMSA) - Is the first step to yoga · ACCESSIBILITY - Being open to everyone by providing a welcoming experience at an affordable price. · COMPASSION - Tuning into those around us, and treating others as we would like to be treated. · INTEGRITY - Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons, especially when nobody's looking. · HUMILITY - Serving the interests of our students, by performing our work without attachment to the results. · TEAMWORK - Being a family by supporting each other on and off the yoga mat. · GRATITUDE - Is the basis of our abundance and happiness. At Manas Yoga Vienna we are committed to build a community that supports healthier, happier lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manas Yoga is the first yoga studio in Vienna that offers an immersive experience. Our space is designed to soothe the senses. Each yoga room features a distinct sound that we have recorded together with Scopeaudio. The intention is to use rhythm and frequency to create shifts in our brainwaves that allows us to be more calm, but at the same time increases our alertness
We believe yoga is for everybody. We strive to create a welcoming, relaxed, open and professional environment where every student feels comfortable. Our team is very approachable and available to answer any questions you may have about your practice. Don’t be shy. You can also check our website for more information.
No, you just need to bring yourself and an open mind! We provide everything that you’ll need for your yoga practice, so you can travel light – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our yoga mats are closed-cell Manduka Pro mats that are latex-free and are sanitized before each practice. Each mat set includes a yoga belt and blocks. Our bolsters, blankets, yoga belts, and eye pillows are made exclusively by our own seamstress using Eco-friendly and sustainable materials of the highest quality. Our baths are provided with body wash and shampoos as well as hair dryers and complementary bath towels.
If you are unable to make it to class please consider your fellow yogis and be sure to cancel your booking at least 4 hours before the class. Class cancellations or changes can be made up to 6 hours before the class start time without incurring additional charges. If you’ve booked using a ‘Drop-in’, or Block pass, any no-shows or late cancellations will result in forfeiting that visit. Booking cancellations can be made via the Manas Yoga website or the Eversports App. Cancellations will not be accepted via phone, email, or social media.
Just visit our schedule and select a class. Have a browse, click on a class and book yourself in. We use a booking system called Eversports, so you will need to purchase your membership and book your classes either through our website or their App.

Available sports types and activities

  • Yoga

  • Capoeira

  • Backfit

  • Strength training

  • Meditation

  • Iyengar yoga

  • Hatha yoga

  • Yin yoga

  • Ashtanga yoga

  • Power yoga

  • Mobility

  • Hatha Flow Yoga

  • Pranayama

  • Stress Release Yoga

  • Yin Yang Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Slow and Gentle Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga for Teenagers

  • Animal Flow

  • Open Yoga

  • Senior Yoga

  • Viniyoga

  • Rocket Yoga

  • Kids Yoga

  • Yoga-Basics

  • Functional Movement

  • Kinder-Yoga

  • Ashtanga led

  • Dance improvisation

  • Movement

  • Reinforcement/Flexibility

  • Morning Yoga Flow

  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Meridian Yoga

  • Schwangerschaftsyoga

  • Assouplissement / Méditation

  • Classic Pilates

  • Breathing Meditation

  • Myofasziales Training

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