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Nathalie is a 200-RYT yoga teacher and shares her passion for yoga, movement and self-love in her daily life, as well as online. She loves to inspire people to practice self-care on and off the mat. Her students value her calm and peaceful way of teaching, as well as her mantras at the end of a yoga class to create a safe space for every single soul. Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, Nathalie will offer classes for everyone. If you want to practice self-love, then join her on the mat and release any stress, tension and worries.











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3 years ago

Schöner Start in den Tag

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3 years ago

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time yogi, you will enjoy this class just as much. Nathalie creates a judgement-free atmosphere, inspiring you to focus on your own body, pointing out her own — despite being a highly experienced yogi — struggles with certain flexibility poses, which makes her teaching technique even more relatable than it already is. She helps you to become more patient with your own yoga journey, by setting an example of kindness. I especially enjoyed her incredibly poignant way of explaining asanas, her calming and good-hearted nature and how she made sure to let us know, why certain poses are good for our bodies, helping us get more familiar with the practice as we go. I appreciate how she put a personal twist on well-known exercises, I didn’t know I could release shoulder pain so much more by resting my chin on the mat instead of my forehead! The hour flew by and I wanted to keep going. The best class I’ve had in a while. Please book!

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3 years ago

Sehr angenehme Stunde, Übungen sehr gut erklärt! Es macht Spaß mitzumachen!

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3 years ago

I really enjoyed Nathalie's class, as she explains every pose very clearly and she created a wonderful and easy to follow yoga flow. My body (especially my back) really needed this sequence, I feel relaxed and what I loved most was her beautiful Mantra at the end of the relaxation. Thank You!!

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About the Team

From Science to Spirituality: After studying molecular biology, Nathalie found her true passion for yoga and holistic health when she spent some time in India to complete her yoga teacher training in 2018. She loves to dive deep into the topics of personal development, holistic healing, self-love and all things yoga. With her slogan ‘We are all made to love ourselves’ she wants to help others release any self-doubts and live a life full of happiness and purpose. Nathalie absolutely loves what she does and her students can feel this energy in all her classes, which are now available online as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nathalie wants to create a safe space for everyone. She enjoys to close her yoga classes by chanting mantras, which her students always appreciate and enjoy. As a calm and composed character, Nathalie makes everyone feel comfortable and appreciated, no matter where you are on your journey.
In her yoga classes you will always focus on the connection between your movements and your breath. It’s really important to listen to your body and don’t force yourself into any kind of yoga pose. It's best to consult your doctor before starting any kind of new exercise regime or yoga program.
Always be kind and gentle with yourself and remember that yoga is not a competition. Don't compare yourself, this is your journey and you decide the pace. It’s all about practicing self-care, moving your body and loving every single step along your journey.
All you need is a yoga mat or any other non-slip training base. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, bring a sweater and socks, in case you get cold. If you have yoga blocks and a strap, feel free to use them as well.
Nathalie’s Online Classes will be streamed via Youtube Live Stream, which means that even if you can’t make it to the class in time, you will still be able to stream it up to 24 hours afterwards. If you are not able to attend the class at all, please cancel the registration via your Eversports account and you will receive a credit for another yoga class.

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  • Yoga

  • Vinyasa yoga

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