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Stefanie Jacoba Yoga

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    In my classes you will find a balanced mix of strong and challenging flows as well as integrative breathwork, visualisation techniques and meditation. We enhance your inner truth and resources to get off your mat into everyday life fulfilled with a clear and calm mind. Through my teachings you build up a strong, flexible body and a healthy self-responsible awareness of it.











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    Salmgasse 6 , 1030 Wien




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    11 days ago

    Stefanie's teaching style is a testament to her deep understanding of yoga's essence. Her classes are imbued with a sense of wonder, as if each practice is a voyage into the mystical realms of self-discovery. She seamlessly blends physical postures with spiritual wisdom, creating an atmosphere where the body, mind, and spirit align harmoniously. What sets Stefanie apart is her ability to guide her students beyond the physical aspects of yoga. She encourages us to explore our inner landscapes, fostering a sense of connection with our higher selves. Her soothing voice and thoughtful guidance lead us through meditation and pranayama exercises, allowing us to tap into our innermost thoughts and emotions. Through Stefanie's classes, I've experienced a truly transformative journey. I've witnessed not only improvements in my flexibility and strength but also a profound shift in my perspective on life. Her teachings have helped me find inner peace, balance, and a deeper understanding of my spiritual path. In Stefanie's presence, you can feel her genuine passion for yoga and her desire to share its profound benefits with her students. Her classes are a sanctuary where you can escape the chaos of the outside world and embark on a magical voyage within. If you're seeking a yoga teacher who can lead you on a spiritual journey while transforming your physical and mental well-being, Stefanie is the one to guide you on this incredible path. ❤️ thank you

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    16 days ago

    Steffi ist eine sehr erfahrene Teacherin die dich auf eine tiefe Reise zu dir selbst mitnimmt. Advanced asana, chanting und Zeit für Introspektive. Auch wenn der Raum kein Yoga Studio im klassischen Sinne ist, kreiert Steffi dort einen Safe Space der ganz besonderen, magischen und transformierenden Art.

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    16 days ago

    magical as ever

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    21 days ago

    Beste Yogalehrerin in Wien ✨

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    About the Team

    Hi! I´m Stefanie, sharing my passion for teaching for eight years now. With strong Vinyasa Flow classes I aim to take a break with you from everyday life. My teachings serve the purpose of deepening the connection between body and soul as well as between people. By combining an integrative alignment, breathwork, imaginative techniques and meditative electronic music I support you to unleash your authentic self. I always experienced the classes of Dylan Werner as a precious gift, therefore I decided to take his 300h Advanced Teacher Training in 2019 and I am more than happy to share all my learnings and insights with you. Together, let´s plant the seed in our practice to feel whole again.

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