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Yoga with Yordanka

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    Yoga with Yordanka

    Yoga with Yordanka

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      About us

      Mag. Yordanka Naydenova combines in her teaching method five years of university sports education and traditional yoga the way she learned it in Rishikesh, India (known as the "Yoga capital of the world"). Her unique classes are based on traditional Hatha yoga asanas, combined with elements from classical Ashtanga Yoga, contemporary Vinyasa flow sequences and Pranayama techniques. The best of the eastern yoga knowledge, combined with the most important from the western sports science, a balance between ancient wisdom and contemporary experience, these classes are not only what you need as a spiritual seeker in a modern world, but they will also strengthen your muscles and make you sweat. Take care of the temple of your soul - your body.











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      Ferdinandstraße 13 , 1020 Wien




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      6 months ago

      Yordanka is the best teacher in town!

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      8 months ago

      I LOVE the classes with Yordanka. The way she leads the classes is incredible and for me, it's the perfect mix of meditation, breathing, slow and faster movements. Highly recommended :)

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      10 months ago

      Yordanka is an extremely professional, motivating and kind-hearted instructor. Her classes are always carefully prepared and thought through, and she brings new elements and details to each class, allowing progression for regular practitioners. She takes into account different levels and physical restrictions of her students and always provides alternatives that make the classes accessible for everyone. She makes everyone to feel warmly welcome and builds a sense of community among her students. I can only highly recommend her classes for everyone from beginners to more advanced yogis.

      User headshot


      a year ago

      Yordankas Yoga Einheiten sind sowohl anstrengend für den Körper und gleichzeitig entspannend für den Geist. Ich mag ihre Flows besonders gern, weil alle Übungen aufeinander abgestimmt sind, sie sich immer etwas Neues einfallen lässt und ich auch am nächsten Tag die Muskeln spüre, auf denen der Schwerpunkt lag. Yordanka nimmt sich die Zeit für Korrekturen, auch beim online Yoga. Top ist, dass wir alle besuchten online Einheiten per Video kriegen. Ihre stets freundliche und lustige Art ist bewundernswert!

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      About the Team

      Mag. Yordanka Naydenova is 32 years old, originally from Bulgaria, based in Vienna since two years. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree "Sport and Training" and a Master's degree "Sport Management with a special additional focus on Sports psychology" from National Sports academy "Vasil Levski", Sofia, Bulgaria. She is as well certified in "Fitness and Fitness-Bodybuilding", "Aerobics, Callanetics, Stretching" and "Sports journalistic". She has accomplished 200 hours Yoga Alliance teacher training course in "Shiva Yoga Peeth", Rishikesh, North India.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Please come at least 5-10 minutes earlier, especially if you are coming for the first time and you are not sure that you can find the location easily. Plan your time accordingly if you want to change your clothes in the studio, as well. Entering after the beginning of the class is still possible, but please avoid it whenever you can, as ringing the bell is disturbing for the other participants. Bear in mind that waiting for you would be disrespectful towards the rest of the people who have been already sitting on their mats, waiting for the class to start on time. We keep a social distance. There is a limited number of participants who can fit in the studio, so please reserve your spot in advance. Use the platform of if you would like to pay online. DM on IG or FB @yogawithyordanka/ email at WhatsApp or call 06765706388 if you only want to reserve the spot and pay by cash on site after the class. If you can't come, please make sure to cancel your reservations as earlier enough as possible in order to free the spot for somebody else who might want to join.
      You don’t have to bring a mat unless you prefer to use your own. There are high-quality yoga mats of natural rubber available for you to borrow for free. If you prefer, you can bring a towel and place it on top. If you use a mat from the studio, you will be kindly asked to disinfect it afterward. Wear something comfortable, bring a bottle of water if you like. Complimentary tea is being offered and we also keep social distance while enjoying it.
      If you can't come, please make sure to cancel your reservations as earlier enough as possible in order to free the spot for somebody else who might want to join. Please cancel your booking via the platform of Eversports, using your email as a username and the chosen password to log in, or DM on IG or FB @yogawithyordanka/ email at WhatsApp or call 06765706388. Please cancel at least three hours before the beginning of the class if you want to reuse your booking. Otherwise, your booked pass will be deducted from your account and you will be no longer eligible to use it.
      The classes are held in English. There are classes for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners. Choose the right one for you according to your level.
      Yordanka is not only an educated and a dedicated specialist who is constantly improving, but she is also a warm-hearted person who will welcome you as a close friend. Her mission is to create an inspiring and safe community where you can workout motivated and meditate mindfully.

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