Video library 1/24 Prenatal - WELCOME - Start here!

1/24 Prenatal - WELCOME - Start here!

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149.00 €Prenatal Online Program

About the class

A warm welcome and some important words I would love to share with you, before we start this journey. Please listen to this video before you continue with the program.

First of all before you begin this prenatal yoga program, make sure you talk to your doctor and have your health care provider's OK to join.

This program is suitable for all stages of pregnancy. Depending on what trimester you are in you may feel to adjust in different stages. Make sure you listen to your body and only go as far as you feel comfortable.

For birth it’s so important to connect with your body, to know what feels good and what doesn't.

So let's do this, let's connect with ourselves and move into happiness.


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About the trainer/teacher

Movement & a healthy lifestyle was always a big part of my life. While I studied and worked as a fashion & interior designer, the feeling that something is missing never let me go. So I found my way back into health & wellbeing. As a certified Health Coach, Mindful Body Trainer and yoga teacher, it is my mission, to help you feel empowered to reach your wellness goals and feel great in your body.